Jersey Shore Family Reunion First Episode Review

Now I know this is not Bollywood related but I’m a North American gal and like any other North American, I too spent this week indulging in the Jersey Shore reboot “Family Reunion”. jerseyshore.jpg

This show, for me is the epitome of “so bad its good” and “guilty pleasure” since it first aired in my high school days. It is trashy, shallow and at times downright disgusting but you just cannot look away! Will Ronnie and Sammi make up? Will Snooki go to jail for public intoxication? Will Mike ever stop being a douche? These questions haunt faithful viewers.


It has been 5 years since the show wrapped but this new season brings back the guidos and guidettes (except Sammi Sweetheart) on vacation outside of their natural habitat- not the Jersey Shore but instead sunny Miami.

First thing obvious is the increased budget of this season, as evidenced by the beautiful villa they are given to live in as roommates. Their normal “Jersey house” was quite frankly, a shack.

Another drastic change is Snooki and Jwow’s faces, which the guys joke about a few times-refering to their obvious plastic surgeries.


Jenni seems to have come such a long way-from a lost young club rat to a (dare I say) classy young mom. Vinny is also another one who continues to improve- highlighting his inner fitness freak this time around, spending hours at the gym and eating ZERO carbs. Snooki also, at a glance, seems to have somewhat matured. That is until their first night out where she gets so drunk she cannot stand and then urinates in their backyard pool….sigh.

Ronnie is having a baby but completely seems still obsessed with Sam. Hate to say it but almost seems this baby was forced on him. He is still getting drunk and talking crap about Sam and “that new boyfriend of hers”.

Also speaking of Sammi, why are they (mostly the guys) acting like she is obligated to drop everything and be there? Complaining like Sam wanting to avoid her toxic codependent ex is a complete non factor! Ron’s excuse is “I have a girlfriend who is 7 months pregnant but I still showed up so why can’t she!?” Um…maybe because she did not freaking want to?


Its safe to say Sammi has evolved the most and learned the art of self love.

Meanwhile a sober Mike “The Situation” has a court date back in Jersey. The little news montage to show his charges…made me LOL! Kind of corny.

Yes I completely ignored Deena and her little arc as I just never liked her much though she seems like a doll, just meh!

So to summarize.. it was the same old show with drunken squabbles and debauchery. Whether or not that is a good thing is up to you…



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