Piggy Chops’ “Original Nose”

Miss Priyanka Chopra has been making quite a splash in the west. She was even featured on hit all-womens talk show “The View” as a cohost. It is there that host Joy Behar casually asked her if her nose was her “original nose”, after PC went on a spiel about body positivity and loving yourself. In response, Priyanka went ahead and told what anybody with two eyes could see is a lie.

This is, in my opinion, Priyanka at her most beautiful. God is the best artist and no man (even doctors) can compete, no matter how much these celebrities pay! PC’S nose was slightly prominent but it suited her face beautifully and was far from distracting or unattractive. However it is no secret behind the scenes that she has a long history of insecurity about her nose, possibly fuelled by comments made by bitchy directors and make up artists. That’s what led this lovely lady to seek out several operations over the years.

So ladies who are considering rhinoplasty or deal with body image issues: be strong and confident!  Love and accept yourself the way you are made. And do not let these celebs make you think they don’t deal with insecurities or low self-esteem for one second, they deal with it times 100!


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